And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. ~John 8:32, KJV

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The first step in natural healing is responsibility. Natural healing is about taking control of your life and being responsible for everything that goes in and out of your body, mind and spirit. ~Richard Schulze

Natural Rearing Revives Older Dogs

This is my sweet Schatzie girl…that...

From Conventional to Naturally Reared Neo Mastiff

Wow 7 years ago today this photo was taken of me...

Exercise for Your Dog – It’s a Law!

<p>The side benefit is that we also receive exercise on a regular basis when we are engaged with our dogs this way. My dogs keep me on a routine that doesn’t allow for much variation as they don’t see this as an obligation. Rather, they are overly excited each day to engage in this law of health. The byproduct of our dedication is happy and calm dogs.</p>

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Its_a_jungle_out_hereWelcome to Aspenbloom Pet CareSeeing YOUR Pets’ Good Health Bloom!
Are you giving your dog one thing after another both in the form of conventional remedies as well as natural remedies and still not seeing good results? Have you consulted with numerous conventional and/or holistic veterinary practitioners and your dog is still not well?

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November 11, 2016 |

Your Dog’s Water Matters

There are two things we can only live for a very short time without and water is one of them…

November 1, 2016 |

Zoomie Control

I picked up the box, put it on the kitchen counter and by now King had run a couple of zoomies, …

October 21, 2016 |

Natural Rearing IS Healthy!

Recently we had a discussion going on in our private study group on FB for our student body at the American...

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